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Quick Start [Link]
Created by Sean Franklin on 2023-10-23

These are 4 games which are a good quick start for getting brand new students some basic fencing ideas, as well as getting more experienced students used to games based training.

  • Deep vs Shallow - On The March
  • Direct To Riposte
  • Finnish Chicken's Beak
  • Tapping Game

  • The Distance Superset [Link]
    Created by Stephen Cheney on 2023-12-22

    These are three of our core drills regarding distance. If you are new to teaching with games, these are good ones to start with. 

    Note that I prefer:

  • Direct Attack
  • Finnish Chicken
  • Soviet Foil

  • Triple threat for direct attacks [Link]
    Created by Jack Berggren-Elers on 2023-10-24

    Here are three games I tend to run early on to get new fencers both on board with some basic fencing ideas while promoting the tactical utility of a direct attack.

  • Direct Attack
  • Sabre March
  • Soviet Foil

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