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This is an online resource to help people store, and most importantly find training games for HEMA.

The difference between a drill and a game is that in a game both participants are actively trying to win, and the rules are set in such a way that they explore the techniques and tactics that the curriculum is looking to develop. This means that any learning about how or when to do a technique takes into account incompliance and is not a result of someone feeding a stimulus (which may be more or less realistic/compliant).

Games can be super simple:
- We plant our feet, and stand stationary. If I can throw an attack faster than you can parry I win. If you parry you win.

Or they can be full sparring scenarios with scoring tweaks to encourage a specific tactical or technical behavior:
- 'Deep' can only score with a hit to head or torso, 'Shallow' can only score with a hit to arms or leg.

Latest Games:

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  • Information Updates/Comments:

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