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How the game is played/scored. This should be information about WHAT to do, but please save WHY for the "Design" field.

Additional rules could be added because:
- You've decided that the game is better in every way with the new rule.
- You found a *slight* tweak that makes a small difference in a meaningful way. (If it's a big enough change just make a new game and tag it as a variant of this one.)


Why the rules are designed the way they are. What are the core skills targeted, and possible weaknesses.
Descriptions of the design iterations, failed attempts, or changes in thoughts are also helpful to other coaches.


Notes on what coaches have noticed playing this game with their students.


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Grab or Going Nowhere

Uploaded by Stephen Cheney on 2023-03-21
Tags:   grapple_transition | grapple | half_sword | accessibility |


Arrange two benches parallel to each other, or two seats so that the fencers will be next to each other, not facing each other (see picture below). Fencers must sit so that the non-dominant leg is facing the opponent. Standing up or lifting your butt off the seat is an instant loss for that rep. 

There are three ways to score:

  1. Hit while grappling - a grapple is defined as using your arm to manipulate the opponent's weapon or body so that you have immediate use of your sword and they do not have immediate use of their sword.
  2. Any hit above the belt while the opponent has only one hand on the sword.
  3. Thrust to the upper chest while you have one hand on the handle and one hand on the blade of your sword (IE half-sword) - this scores whether the opponent has one or two hands on their sword. 
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