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S64 (long long s-word) Game

Uploaded by Sean Franklin on 2024-05-14
Tags:   decision_to_commit | measure | mobility |


Find the longest and shortest sword you have available, and tape the top 10 cm (4') of each with colored tape. You have two roles (guess which role gets each sword):

  • Long: Can only hit with the taped part of the blade.
  • Short: Can not hit with the taped part of the blade, must hit below it. (Can still thrust)

Two hands on the hilt at all time, no grappling or half swording is allowed

Design (added 2024-05-14 by Sean Franklin)

This is an interesting game, because different people struggle with different roles based on their fighting style. Naturally the Long has advantage at the engagement, but fencers who overcommit on bad openings will find the advantage wasted as they get parried and the Short closes distance. Likewise fencers who use aggression to compensate for poor parrying skills will suffer a lot when in the Short role. Mobility also becomes super important for both, as a Long who can't keep space between while attacking will be overrun quickly, and a Short who can't make up distance while parrying can never get close enough to hit. The no-grappling rule is also important to maintain the balance of the Short role being very dominant if they can get in closer.

I'm not sorry for the name.

Note (added 2024-05-14 by Sean Franklin)

I fortunately have a 86 cm (34") and 105 cm (41") blade to play this with and the sheer difference makes the game. If you have more equal length swords you could also try to tape even more of the short blade to make it effectively "shorter".

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