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Why the rules are designed the way they are. What are the core skills targeted, and possible weaknesses.
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Krump Game

Uploaded by Sean Franklin on 2024-03-24
Tags:   krumphau | disengage |


This game has two rolls, Thruster and Cutter. The Thruster must begin the engagement with a point forward guard (alber, plow, ochs, etc) and the Cutter must begin with a point back guard (vom tag, nebenhut, shrankhut, etc). 

  • Thruster wins by landing a thrust to the head or torso.
  • Cutter wins by landing a clean cut to a target above the shoulders*. (This means the Thruster can, and should, win by doubling.)

No grappling allowed, both hands must stay on the sword hilt.

*This means under normal circumstances the head is the only target. However if the hands are raised above the shoulder then they also become on target.

Design (added 2024-03-24 by Sean Franklin)

This is, obviously, inspired by using the krumphau to displace an oncoming thrust. Because the thruster has priority in doubles the cutter needs to be extremely concerned about where the point is, and even untrained individuals will start exhibiting some krump-like behavior (they figure out really quickly just going for a head hit makes them lose every time). If the thruster is not willing to play around their ability to double it kind of breaks the game. Normally the thrust has advantage on the onset, since they just need to hit, and the cut has advantage after a parry, since they are past the point. But if the thruster brings their sword to the cutter by default the cutter has a much easier time and never needs to learn good krump behavior.

Originally I started with having a low plow/sprechfenster as the thrust guard and shrankhut as the cutter guard, to make things really explicit. But then I kept opening it up and it ended up working just as well. Originally the arms were off target always, but target interposition rules were at play if they got in the way of the head shot. But since people started playing in ochs as the thruster I figured I might as well open up the hands to direct targeting. Since it's a core canonical krumphau play.

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