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How the game is played/scored. This should be information about WHAT to do, but please save WHY for the "Design" field.

Additional rules could be added because:
- You've decided that the game is better in every way with the new rule.
- You found a *slight* tweak that makes a small difference in a meaningful way. (If it's a big enough change just make a new game and tag it as a variant of this one.)


Why the rules are designed the way they are. What are the core skills targeted, and possible weaknesses.
Descriptions of the design iterations, failed attempts, or changes in thoughts are also helpful to other coaches.


Notes on what coaches have noticed playing this game with their students.


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Imposter Syndrome

Uploaded by Stephen Cheney on 2023-12-22
Tags:   creativity | awareness | strategy, | tactics, |


Two fencers fence at a time, and the rest of the class watches. The fencers will try to imitate the style of someone else in the class. After ten exchanges, the rest of the class has to figure out who they were trying to imitate, they get 3 guesses. It is possible for both fencers to win.

If it's too easy, make it so you are not allowed to imitate mannerisms, only fencing elements. 

Design (added 2023-12-22 by Stephen Cheney)

This is a general skill game, its purpose is to get people thinking differently about fencing. In order to be successful, you need to not only be able to adjust the way you fence, but notice how your training partners fence. 

This game is intended to be light-hearted and fun. If you don't think your fencers will buy into it and have fun, then it might not be the best choice. 

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