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How the game is played/scored. This should be information about WHAT to do, but please save WHY for the "Design" field.

Additional rules could be added because:
- You've decided that the game is better in every way with the new rule.
- You found a *slight* tweak that makes a small difference in a meaningful way. (If it's a big enough change just make a new game and tag it as a variant of this one.)


Why the rules are designed the way they are. What are the core skills targeted, and possible weaknesses.
Descriptions of the design iterations, failed attempts, or changes in thoughts are also helpful to other coaches.


Notes on what coaches have noticed playing this game with their students.


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Vorschlag Game

Uploaded by Nathan Weston on 2023-12-08
Tags:   absetzen | vor_nach | parry_riposte | soviet_foil |


The goal of this game is to make an attack which forces the opponent to parry. The basic setup and priority rules are the same as Pursuit Shuffle, but with two changes:

  • Cuts and thrusts to any target are allowed
  • If a fencer parries, they may score with an immediate riposte. If the riposte is delayed, or the opponent parries or avoids it, then the point goes to the original attacker.

Simultaneous counterattacks are treated the same as parry-ripostes: if a fencer counterattacks and hits cleanly, they score. But otherwise the attacker gets the point.

An attack with a thrust is considered to be over when the forward movement of the initial step ends. If the fencer takes a second step, or makes an additional lean after they have come to a stop, that is considered a renewed attack -- which can score, but does not have priority.

Design (added 2023-12-08 by Nathan Weston)

This game can develop many of the same skills as other Soviet Foil variants, but the parry-riposte option makes long-range attacks more risky. Most of the time, the fencers will want to stick to long range and defend with distance, but drawing an attack with the intention of riposting can also be a good strategy.

This game also teaches people to use their attacks to safely close distance, and to defend against ripostes and counterattacks.

Note (added 2023-12-08 by Nathan Weston)

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