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How the game is played/scored. This should be information about WHAT to do, but please save WHY for the "Design" field.

Additional rules could be added because:
- You've decided that the game is better in every way with the new rule.
- You found a *slight* tweak that makes a small difference in a meaningful way. (If it's a big enough change just make a new game and tag it as a variant of this one.)


Why the rules are designed the way they are. What are the core skills targeted, and possible weaknesses.
Descriptions of the design iterations, failed attempts, or changes in thoughts are also helpful to other coaches.


Notes on what coaches have noticed playing this game with their students.


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Soviet Foil Rally

Uploaded by Sean Franklin on 2023-06-30
Tags:   nachreissen | measure | foot_speed | soviet_foil |


Play as you would the Soviet Foil, with the following changes:

  • Both fencers must hold their swords pointing out behind them in a tail guard like position. 
  • If one fencer swings and misses the roles immediately switch.
  • If the attacker doesn't attack within 5 seconds the roles switch.

Play until someone lands a hit to the head. (Make sure you have lots of room to move.)

Rules (added 2024-05-12 by Connor Kemp-Cowell)

Rules addendum:

An additional way to play I call glove game or Italian foil rally

Play as you would Soviet foil rally

Have the fencers start in their preferred shoulder guard

Attacker can only make a single prep step (simple step forward/advance of the front foot/gathering step) and a pass with their attack. upon completion of the attack, the roles switch

If the attacker doesn't attack within 5 seconds, the roles switch

Design (added 2023-06-30 by Sean Franklin)

The big over-committed swings from tail, and the shot clock, make it very difficult for the attacker to land the hit. Which then leads to rallies back-and-forth between the competitors. If a defender just runs away then they will be very hard pressed to come back and have a good scoring opportunity within 5 seconds.

Victory is typically decided by an attacker over-committing and not being able to back up after their miss (and the former defender nachrisening them immediately) or a defending figuring out exactly where they can bait the attacker to swing safety to nachrisen. Though the defender getting lazy and not backing up enough does happen too.

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