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  • Jack loves games

    Odd as it is, it also seems the most appropriate to kick this off by declaring a love for games and the design of them. Creating rules to shape outcomes is not alien to us humans, and games are a very approachable way of doing so. They’re great for recreation and entertainment, but also for…

  • Steve’s GD4H Intro

    Hi, I’m Steve, and I like to do longsword. Sometimes I also have thoughts about longsword, which I write down and store in a Google Drive folder, and maybe share them with a couple people. A couple of them have been featured on Tea Kew (www.fechtlehre.org) and Sean Franklin’s (http://swordstem.com/ , https://swordstuff.blog/ ) websites. That’s…

  • Welcome

    Welcome to Game Design for HEMA, a blog aimed at historical fencing coaches (and other combat sport coaches). This blog is a collective publishing platform for articles about fencing tactics, coaching theory and training methods. We’re particularly interested in ecological approaches to teaching fencing skills, guided by modern sports science research.