Adrien Pommellet

Jack Berggren Elers

  • Jack coaches longsword at SPIFF in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jack otherwise works as a game designer for digital games

Sean Franklin

  • Sean runs the science blog/project SwordSTEM, which is all about science relating to training, statistical analysis of HEMA, and physics of swords and safety equipment.
  • Sean does every day coaching at Ars Gladii in Detroit, MI, USA. He is also nominally a distance instructor at Mordhau Historical Combat and SoCal Swords.
  • Sean is an event organizer for events such as AG Open and SoCal Swordfight and has been on the organizational team for other large North American events (Longpoint, Combat Con) in the past.
  • Sean also has his spin off non-STEM blog for miscelaneous other content: SwordSTUFF.

Stephen Cheney

Tea Kew

  • Tea coaches at New Cross Historical Fencing in London, UK
  • Tea runs Fechtlehre, a website with workshop handouts and advice on coaching.
  • Tea is the webmaster of this site

Nathan Weston