• Ice Climber Syndrome – When does one move dominate a game?

    I. Ice Climber Syndrome I am a follower and occasionally (terrible) player of the game Super Smash Brothers Melee, which is a very old game that still has an active competitive scene. As such, it has gone through a lot of changes over the years and many new strategies and exploits have been discovered. There…

  • Top 10 Classic Longsword Matches

    This is my list of my picks for top 10 classic longsword matches. This will be a departure from my normal game design/HEMA theory/ecological approach topics, but it was fun so I did it. My list is highly subjective, it is based on matches that I like or that made an impact on me, or…

  • HEMA Ratings Part 2: World Ranking

    I am a huge fan of HEMA Ratings, I think it’s an extremely valuable tool for the HEMA community, so much so that I have supported their Patreon since it first became available. However, it is important to remember that HEMA Ratings is a specific tool, and not all tools are useful in all scenarios.…

  • HEMA Ratings Part 1: Tiered Tournaments and Unrated Fencers

    I have worked on this article on and off over the past half year or so. I started it right after my club’s tournament Revolution Rumble, because I was fascinated by the variance of skill in the tier of almost all unrated fencers, and also how that shook out in terms of HEMA rating. This…

  • On Penalties – HEMA State of the Art in 2024

    On Penalties – HEMA State of the Art in 2024

    Penalties have become a focus of attention for HEMA competition in the last few years, and for good reason. Here is my take on the “state of the art” coming into 2024.

  • Tournament Design – Longsword Mixed Team Relay – SoCal 2023

    Tournament Design – Longsword Mixed Team Relay – SoCal 2023

    Every year, SoCal Swordfight hosts an Experimental Tournament in addition to its regular tournament lineup. 2023 offered a Mixed Weapons Relay.

  • Guards Revisited

    Prologue: I wrote this with my conclusions, but I will write it here as well in case you don’t read that far: Please replicate this experiment. If you are in a position in your club where you can decide what activities your fencers do, please take some time to do this. It is fun, helpful…

  • Causing Attraction: Non-Dominant Foot Forward in Longsword Fencing

    In ecological dynamics, the term Attractor or Movement Attractor shows up every now and then. Attractors can be seen as preferred motor pattern solutions in the current activity context. When an action is seen as intuitive or habitual, it might be the attractor at work. Habit and intuition can be nebulous concepts however, so to…

  • How I Learned To Stop Trying And Finally Fixed Knee Collapse

    I spent a lot of time trying to fix people’s knee collapse. But the solution ended up being to stop trying to fix it, and just give them more realistic training activities.

  • CLA Class Example – Body Language and Deception

    This is a writeup of a class I ran recently which I think makes a good case study in using the Constraints Led Approach to teaching.